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Fatal traffic accident reported in the Corozal District

Seventy year old Elizabeth Romelia died after being hit by a vehicle on Friday night.  Rodriguez of Jerusalem Street in Libertad Village in Corozal went to the Corozal Hospital complaining of pain. She told Police she was knocked down in the village. 20-year-old Jomar Hercules of Jerusalem Street was reversing a Nissan X-terra when he reportedly hit Rodriguez.  She was transported to the Corozal Hospital and then to the Northern Regional Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries early yesterday morning. Rodriguez’s granddaughter told us more.


It was about 6:20 yesterday evening she came to church and from that she decided that she would go to the store and while on her way the vehicle just hit her, not too far from her house about a house down, maybe 50 yards. After they hit her they noticed that they hit her and they picked her up and took her to the hospital. We didn’t see it, they called us to inform us that they took her already to the hospital. She got three broken ribs and a broken shoulder. She was a nice friendly person; she helped whoever came and asked for help she would help. She was well known here in the village.”

Hercules has been detained pending charges. In related news, another villager, this time of San Narciso Village was knocked down and killed last night. According to Police reports, they visited San Narciso Village where they saw a bicycle completely damaged in the middle of the road and 45-year-old Dionicio Acosta lying on the road dead. Police later found out that that 30-year-old Celso Carerra of Mahogany Street in Trial Farm Village was driving a 2009 grey Nissan Murano SUV on the San Narciso Village road when he reportedly saw a male person on a bicycle who suddenly swerved in front of him and was knocked down.  Carerra was detained pending investigations.