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Father and Son Shot Inside Their Home in Belize City

A father and his thirteen year old son were shot last night in Belize City. At around ten thirty last night, forty seven year old Dean Parks and his son were inside their home on Ebony Street when someone blasted several shots at their house. Parks was shot to the jaw and right shoulder while his son was shot on the right arm. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told the media that they have one person detained for this latest shooting.


“From what we are gathering is that the gun man is a relatively young person and this is one of the trends that we are seeing that many young persons are being used by the senior folks in the gangs to do these sort of crimes and we have an idea basically of who this person is and we have that person in custody and our investigation continues around that person to see if we can gather the evidence that we need to charge him.”


“Is it gang related?”


“At this time it has been difficult for us to establish a motive, we cannot say if it is gang related if there are other circumstances that may have resulted in the shooting but we are still looking into it.”

The person police has detrained is from the area where the shooting occurred.