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Father Killed In Front of Toddler in Rural Belize

A father of five was killed in front of his three year old child this evening in Gardenia Village, Belize District.  The investigators of Rural Eastern Division are on the case and according to the Deputy Commander, Inspector Juanito Cocom, the victim has been identified as Nelson Zelaya.


“At about midday detectives visited Miles 21 and a half on the Phillip Goldson highway in the village of Gardenia in the Belize District. Upon their arrival behind a wooden house about a hundred yards from a wooden house they observed a dark skinned male person lying on his back bleeding profusely from his face. He was identified as Nelson Zelaya, 27 year old laborer of that same address. At the time he was still alive. Police rushed him to the KHMH where he later succored to his injuries so we are treating that incident as a murder now. So far we have interviewed some people, we have recorded statements and from the statements recorded there might be persons that saw what transpired.”

Love News spoke with the Zelaya’s grandmother, Ann Olivera who lives next door to where the murder occurred.  Olivera says she was not at home at the time of the shooting but that it was a tragedy that was expected.


“When I came here this man came here telling me that they had some kind of news form, I asked them what kind of news they could ever have for me because I know all of my people are in the states. He told me and when I looked there were a lot of police officers back there but I didn’t know what was happening. So he told me that they had killed Nelson. But he had a baby girl there and she saw everything because when I went over there she told me everything and that she saw the boy that killed her dad and she knew the boy that killed her dad. She said that the boy ate around their table there. I didn’t find any fault with Nelson the only fault I found with him is that he like too much company and I told him about the company that he kept. I live here and those people will be able to tell you that I don’t go to anyone’s house. I have a little chair that I sit in all day when I’m not doing anything. I don’t go to anyone’s house. Many times I would be scolding Nelson but he wouldn’t answer me. When I told him about the company he kept he probably ignored me. When they get to that age you can’t rule them again. He is about twenty something and his birthday just went by recently so all you can do is advise them if  they want to take it. They don’t want your advice they would rather be with the young ones like themselves.”


“So you weren’t surprised when you heard that he died?”


“No never. I never did. Last week or the week before last I saw a chair near to my husband’s grave, I asked Nelson what the chair was doing there and he said that he went there to hide from the police. I told him that if he didn’t do something the police would not want anything from him, he said that they liked harassing him too much so that is why I keep all the way back here by myself. I advised him.”

At the time of the shooting, Zelaya’s common-law-wife and children were at home.