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Father of missing Orange Walk teen speaks out

It is approaching four days since 14-year-old, Analeily Chi of San Luis Village, Orange Walk District went missing.  We had reported that the minor was taken to the market in Orange Walk Town just after eight o’clock on the morning of September 29 with a claim that she would be meeting friends to do a school project.  Love News reached out to the family to get an update of the situation.

Sergio Chi Father: “Well the last thing that we know is that we have gotten in contact with my daughter, she has called us. She describes it that she is okay but we were not convinced so we have asked her that we want to hear her voice to convince us that she is alive so we have gotten in contact with her. We have verified that it is her voice. Today she sent us a picture that she is alive and that is it. Basically that is all that we have for now but we do not know where she is located, we do not know. The guy that has my daughter already explain to her what to say and to do so in other words we believe in our own opinion that it’s an experienced person that knows what to do and how to do that and because my daughter is not a person that adventures alone, she has always been at my side. To give us a direction as to where she went we believe that this was planned by the guy telling her where to meet and then he planned everything as to how they would be traveling. I strongly believe that she mislead us from the beginning but also because of public trying to assist us we thought that she might be in this place or that address and so we just managed to do our campaign as what we could because once people get informed and they are on the lookout we believe that they cannot travel as easily as they can. What we are trying to do is have her know that we love her and we are telling her to come back home because we make mistakes in life and we learn from those mistakes and so I am willing to forgive her if she comes back because I have to take that version so that she appears and she might be willing to come home.”

In the eyes of the law, Analeily Chi is considered a minor and is not at the legal age to consent to sexual activities.  The child’s father who is an educator and a single parent is appealing to her daughter to come home.

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