Father of Canaan Student says No Official Report on Sexual Assault Allegations

Father of Canaan Student says No Official Report on Sexual Assault Allegations

Back in January, a parent of a female student of Canaan SDA High School came forward to share that a male teacher of the school made sexual advances on his daughter. Back then, the principal of the school, Jaime Roberts, confirmed to Love News that the male teacher had been placed on administrative leave following the allegations. The teacher is accused of sending the student highly inappropriate messages. It’s been two months since the incident was reported in the media, and the student’s father says there has been no update. While the slow process is frustrating, the father told Love News today that he is determined to ensure that the incident is properly addressed by the appropriate authorities.

Voice of Concerned Parent: “This incident occurred on the 31st of January that’s when I first went to the school and media houses and it became public. As per protocol after twenty five business days, a maximum of twenty five business days the school is to submit their report, their findings what have you and I’m supposed to get a copy of this report as well too. So I haven’t heard anything informally or formally from any of the governing bodies until just now where I got a message from the CEO of the Ministry of Education saying that they’re still looking into it and they themselves haven’t received anything in any formal capacity which is one of the screenshots that I provided just now to you. I’m pretty persistent. And I’m okay with playing the long game I’m a very patient person. I think that if nothing were to be done then I suspect that it would be swept under the rug. I suspect that’s just my opinion given so far but I feel that if I continue to apply pressure something will come of this just given the attention and spotlight that this has had initially when it was first brought to the media houses and the traction it has had I’m confident that at the end of the day as long as I’m persistent, as long as I don’t give up that justice will be served, something will come from this. I want the public to hear this and do their part as well to petition the Ministry and petition all the governing bodies and even the school’s administrative team to take action not just on this incident but any incident that comes up if there’s any victims of abuse that have been preyed upon by these sick individuals for them to come forward. Now is the time to voice what has happened possibly to other people and now is the time to get justice, it’s not the time to be quiet.”

Love News has confirmed that the Ministry of Education has not received any official update on the incident from the school’s management or the Teaching Services Commission.

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