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Father of Four Dies after Being Beaten into a Coma

A father of four who was beaten into a coma has died. His family is now at a loss as to how he ended up there. It was initially thought that the Belize City resident had gone missing, but a few days after his disappearance, his family discovered that he was brain dead and on life support. Reporter Vejea Alvarez has the story.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News:  27 year old Joel Aguilar left home on the evening of Thursday August 5 in good condition but a few hours later on Friday morning a police mobile patrol found him lying face down in a pool of blood on Ordonez Street in the Lake Independence area. The officers reportedly took him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but his family was not notified and up until Sunday they had been searching for the man as they thought he had gone missing. His common law wife Anastasia Conorquie says she last spoke to him before he left home one week ago. 

Anastasia Conorquie, Common Law Wife: The last time I spoke to him I was making Johnny Cakes and he had just finished bathing and was cutting the board with the saw so the dust went in his hair so I told him ‘come here let me dust out your hair, how will you go out on the street with saw dust in your hair ?’ He said ‘the girls will like to see that.’ So I told him ‘Oh so you’re going out there to look for woman.’ he said ‘No mama, don’t be thinking foolishness I’m coming right back make sure you put up my Johnny Cake and I want eight.’ 

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: But Aguilar never made it back home to enjoy that meal with his kids. Conorquie says they found out that Aguilar was in the hospital from one of their relatives.

Anastasia Conorquie, Common Law Wife: “He was a working person. He would hang out with his friends. He would get himself in trouble if you troubled him. If you didn’t have any problems with him he would not have any problems with you, he would sit down and laugh and talk with you and when he’s done he’s coming home, if he over drinks he would sleep at your house. So he’s not a person that will want to come home after hours, either he will borrow a bike or he will stay. We found out when his cousin Lettie, she’s a police officer, so we told her that we’ve already checked at all the police stations and so she decided to go and check at the hospitals. We never expected him to be at the hospital. We expected him to be at one of his friend’s or at the police station locked up for the curfew or something so we never expected he would be at the hospital that is how I found out from his brother the evening when he came home for his mom, to tell her that he was at the hospital or else the police didn’t inform us about nothing. Up to now we’re still asking for the clothing he went in so I want to know if they picked him up naked on the street where they found him because the hospital said they don’t have any belongings for Joel Aguilar.” 

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Up to now neither the police nor the family has been able to confirm what really transpired and how Aguilar ended up on a coma. According to the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams police are currently investigating the matter.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I’m sure that the police went through the proper process in handing him over to the medical practitioners to do what needs to be done with a view to save him. If in fact there was no follow up by the police in terms of going to the hospital and check to see I don’t know about that because I communicate with Mr.Cowo regularly and I know that they were making checks but from what they were told the young man was in a state of unconsciousness and could not answer any question or anything so there is nothing that they could have gotten from him but the police were out within the community searching for clues, searching for answers to try and ascertain what had transpired to the young man. At this time we have still not been able to find out what actually happened and our investigation in that matter continues.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: While the police continue to try to put the pieces together Connorquie says she’s now faced with the difficult task of explaining to her kids that their father is dead.

Anastasia Conorquie, Common Law Wife: “I am not praying for revenge because I got my common law to start to go to church on fathers day. I made him repent to God so I am asking for you to do the same thing and like I said you will see three of him growing up and walking around you and it will really hurt you so will come in and giver in yourselves. I just hope you’re happy and you succeed. If this made you feel happy well that is your luck.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: A post mortem is pending to determine Aguilar’s cause of death.