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Father of four murdered

Last night, at around 9:15, 22 year old Justin Hyde was shot while on Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City. Police say that Hyde, who is a construction worker of Curl Thompson Street, was shot once to the lower back. Reports are that Hyde was with two other men, riding separate bicycles when upon reaching the corner of Curl Thompson and Levi Slusher Streets, gunshots were heard. A few seconds later, Hyde realized he had been shot. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where at 10:12 last night, he succumbed to his injuries.  Hyde was part of the gang intervention program and attended several of the sessions with mediators. According to one of the mediators, Diane Finnegan, despite his troubled past, there was more to Hyde that meets the eye.


Diane Finnegan – Mediator

“Justin was an educated young man. A graduate from SJC. Very talented and I hope you all would take the time to listen to some of his videos, his music videos that he has done to see his talent and potential in becoming a great musician out there, an artist but who was focusing on that talent? No one. And it is sad that now in death society gets to see that side of him but he was there all along just waiting for people to embrace him and to take him to the next level because this was a part of his passion. I won’t sit here and invent or fabricate anything that is not so but Justine was one of those individuals and I will never forget the last intervention we had his tears were, he was actually in tears because of the fact that he could not understand how friends had separated from each other and had gone their separate ways and were now at each other’s throats and they’ve done things to each other that have hurt both sides and his purpose was that the time for that past life is over and let’s get it together, let’s turn over a new page and let’s start bonding. I can’t speak on what transpired, what lead to all of this and at the end of the day it is only the individual who took his life can say the purpose for which he did what he did.”

Hyde is the youngest of five children and he has four children of his own. Investigators have detained several persons in connection with Hyde’s murder.