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Father of One Clings to Life After Being Shot in Belize City

An hour after fifteen-year-old Dwayne Gabourel was senselessly gunned down, another teen’s life was left in a state of disarray by the chronic gun violence plaguing the country. Around six o’clock on Saturday evening, thirty-four-year-old, Alex Faber and 19-year-old Paul Bood were at Bood’s residence on Jimmy Dyer Street, in Belize City. The two were sitting on the stairs socializing when a gunman bolted into the yard and fired a number of shots at them. Bood’s girlfriend and Faber’s cousin, twenty-eight-year-old Shaday Singh, says the young man is currently brain dead and according to the doctors only a miracle will save him.

Sade Singh, Paul Bood’s Girlfriend: “I want you all to know that my man is in the ICU right now fighting for his life, fighting for his life for something that he didn’t even know about. He was at home, he was on his step. If the flies were not biting he would have had my baby in his hands because he lived for his baby. My baby came to change Paul for a better person. You all don’t understand how much pain and agony you are putting in my heart out here. You know ? Like the little boy Dwayne that passed away this morning I was there at the hospital and my heart could only feel for that lady. I don’t have any sons,  have two daughters but the amount of nephews that I have you know they fill the gap for my sons and I will do anything for my son. I always watch girlfriends or mothers crying, crying about it on the news until it hit my door they came way in my yard from behind, they chanced my boyfriend. And he has nothing to do with anybody. Everybody back here could tell you ever time they see Papa it’s with his daughter. If my Papa has to go climb coconut trees to sell coconut water, if – empty garbage the other day you know he told me ‘Baby I’m just going to go look around for people for them to see if they want me to throw away their garbage and make a ten dollars.’ just so he could have money home to buy what his baby needs or things for us to cook in this house. And they will come and take away all of that from us just like that ? You can’t sit down and talk anymore ? You have to come and bring guns ? Only cowards do that. Only cowards. All my baby is hollering now “Papa. Papa. Papa” now why will you do us that ? You know? Why will you do that to us ? I don’t know what else to do but it needs to stop. The police, the government, it needs to stop. I just want to the whole of Belize to come together and pray for my boyfriend. Please. We went to see him this morning and I’m telling you, you don’t know how  I’m hurting. It’s hurting me. It’s hurting his mommy, it hurts his sister, his brothers you know? He has siblings that are waiting to come home; my daughter, my baby. I just want him to make it and the doctors say it’s only a miracle could help Paul and I believe a miracle will help Paul. Paul will respond later.”

Singh says that Bood, who is a father to a one-year-old daughter, is not a member of any gang but a hard-working man, who was planning on going back to school.

Sade Singh, Paul Bood’s Girlfriend: “He is not about any color. I don’t want you all to say anything about bloods and crips and those things. No he’s not like that. He’s a hustler. He will hustle a little money. He will fix bikes, fix cars, anything because he’s a smart young boy just that he didn’t choose school and that is what a lot of young boys do nowadays but he’s smart. He was thinking about going back to school for the sake of his baby. But all I want them to do is stop. They chanced him. They already did what they had to do you know and he will recover. He will, I put all my trust and faith in God sir, only he can help me now. Whatever happens it is destined for happen and I just have to live on with it. I won’t be the first baby mother or the first girlfriend because a lot of us are going through it right now. Watch on the young man Henry he has a daughter and that is what I am feeling. My baby is just one like his baby and I watched that gunman running behind that car and he still didn’t catch who he wanted to catch he caught somebody just like what happened to my Papa. I don’t understand. Bullets are way in the neighbor’s granddaughter’s room and watch that. My nephew is always behind my Papa and you could have hurt him so if my baby was sleeping. If a cramp and vomitings didn’t catch my dad my dad would have been right here on the step you know. Watch all of that. I just want you all to stop. But that’s all I have to say, please just pray for our family. Pray for the Bood family pray for the Singh family, just have us in your prayers and pray for Paul; we need Paul to come home. I just want you to know that he will live without and eye if he lives but I prefer he lives without an eye than live without life.”

While Bood remains in a critical condition, our newsroom understands that Faber is stable. Police are looking for suspects as their investigations continue.