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Father of the Nation Honored with Wreath Laying Ceremony

A wreath laying ceremony took place on Sunday morning at the grave space of the late Right Honorable George Cadle Price. Mr Price is one of two national heroes in Belize who was the country’s first Premiere and Prime Minister as well as one of the founding fathers of the People’s United Party. His legacy is huge as he played an integral part in Belize’s independence. Due to Covid-19 protocols the turnout at the cemetery was limited but equally meaningful as previous years. This year’s wreath laying ceremony is the tenth edition as it was on September 19, 2011 that Mr Price passed away. Several addresses were made in Sunday morning’s ceremony including his nephew, Minister Henry Charles Usher and the Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Quite the articulate visionary he was I wish to suggest that his words are equally applicable to our nation state Belize. Through his valiant and noble efforts our country was willed to independence and the seeds or a national identity were sown. Institutions were put in place, a Belizean master plan was laid and a country was motivated more than ever. Yet the creation of our nation state was not finished at the dawn on independence, it continues. We have a lot to do to make Belize a better place in his words. At the present we have an ongoing medical crisis that we should continue to exert all efforts to reign in. Outside of that there remains work to do to educate even more of our people to develop infrastructure to enhance our people’s quality of life and to inspire our people to adopt collectivist demeanor that surpasses partisan political divide, classism, racism and gender inequalities. As a proud member of George Price’s robust political party and a beaming product of his inspiration I remain committed to lead with his philosophy and personable touch. To engage our population with his social justice mantra, his country first resolve and his all about the people good naturedness. We lay these wreaths today with steady hands and are convened today with hopeful hearts as our September theme says. For we know that together we will rise if we tap into George Price’s spirit, his philosophies, his character and teachings particularly at this moment when our country needs his school of leadership the most.”

Deputy Prime Minister Cordel Hyde also addressed the gathering at the Lord Ridge Cemetery who spoke on his personal remembrance of Mr.Price.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Prime Minister: “There are days we seem like a wounded people. Our spirit broken, our soul scarred. And then there are days like these when we are reminded that we are the children of a special legacy of special beings, of people who entered the earth as mere mortals but left it as celestial giants. Over a dozen men and women would start out this journey together called the Nationalist Movement seventy one years ago. Two would die as national heroes but the father of the nation was a man unlike any other. A humble, soft spoken man yet he took us from crown colony to self government to independence.”