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Father of Three Gunned Down in the Old Capital

A resident of Placencia Village was shot to death on Saturday morning. The father of three was at a car wash in Belize City playing dominoes when his killer came to visit him. His death has since shocked many, including his family who says they do not know that anyone would have wanted him dead. Reporter Vejea Alvarez tells us more.

Questions, questions, questions. There are many that remain unanswered surrounding the Sunday morning murder of 31 year old Ian Westby. The Placencia Village resident was with a relative at a car was at the Corner of Peter Seco Street and Central American Boulevard in Belize City when a man in a yellow shirt came to see him. Westby went to meet the man at the entrance of the car wash where both of them got into a vehicle belonging to one of Westby’s relatives. Shortly after a man on a bicycle arrived at the area and informed Westby’s relatives that Westby had been shot nearby. Westby, who was shot to the chest, was taken to the hospital but didn’t make it in time. His mother, 63 year old Sharon Westby, says her son was to come home that very same Sunday.

Sharon Westby , Mother of Deceased: “He called me Friday I think it was and told me ‘Mommy I’m coming home.’ and I said ‘Ian I told you to come long time, you could have finished your house son.’ I really cannot say what transpired because I don’t know. I’m here just sitting up trying to figure out what happened. Where did he go wrong ? What went wrong ? What caused this ? Was there grievance somebody had against him, what was it ?  I don’t know.”

His mother says he left home a month ago to work with a relative and now that he is gone she’s faced with raising Westby’s three kids alone.

Sharon Westby , Mother of Deceased: “He left Placencia about over a month ago. I mean he had a guy he used to stay with up there who is family. Who is family and he was trying to take him under his wing to give him a job. He was even planning on getting a house for him. My granddaughter suffered last night, she could hardly breathe from that and that really hurt but what to do ? I have to ask God to give me strength.”

And as to a motive behind the callous murder according to Public Relations for the Police ACP Fitzroy Yearwood, investigators are questioning suspects hoping to establish a motive. 

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “There was nobody else with him, only him and the person that he apparently walked off with. So that’s where our investigation has led so far and I know that our investigators are interviewing a number of people and hopefully that we can fill these gaps for you.”

While investigators piece together the puzzle behind Westby’s death his mother says she will remember her son as a headstrong individual who didn’t trouble anyone.

Sharon Westby , Mother of Deceased: “My son he was a headstrong person. A person first thing he wasn’t a gang banger that much I could tell you for a fact. Nobody was afraid for police more than my son but I don’t know what he was caught up in for this to happen. I really don’t know.”

Westby leaves behind twin girls and a son.