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Father of Top PSE Student Speaks on Parenting

For years, just around the time when the school year is about to end, comes the traditional celebrations and analysis of the Primary School Examination scores for the over two hundred primary institutions around the country … but one aspect that has been rarely looked at is the role that the parents of these children play when it comes to enforcing study habits, educational materials and support, in general.  For this year, 2015, Gabriel Hope of the Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning has been dubbed as the highest scoring student for this year’s examinations.  Gabriel is the son of Kevin and Zoila Hope.  Love News spoke with Gabriel’s father to find out what roles they have played in giving their son the support and discipline necessary to help him to achieve such a milestone in his young life.


Both Hope and his wife are gainfully employed and have been supporting their five children through various levels of education.  Love News asked Hope if he feels that the financial status of the parents deters the progress of the children in their school work.


As a father of five and a family man, we asked Hope how crucial he views the presence of a father in the home is, when it comes to children and their education.

While Hope is self-employed, his wife currently works at the Belize Telemedia Limited and they are residents of Ladyville Village, Belize District.  Gabriel received a total of 386 points out of a possible 400 and will be moving on to Saint John’s College in the coming academic year.  For now, he aspires to be a commercial pilot.