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Father Rapes and Sodomizes 8-Year-Old and Gets Reduced Sentence

Belize Court of Appeals today handed down its written judgment in the case of a father who was sentenced to 75 years behind bars for raping and sodomizing his then eight year old daughter. His sentenced was reduced to 19 years. The father was found guilty of 6 counts of carnal knowledge and 1 count of an unnatural crime. He was sentenced to 12 years for each count of carnal knowledge and 3 years for an unnatural crime with no the stipulation that the sentences are to run consecutively or concurrently. Belize Court of Appeals ruled that the sentences were manifestly excessive and was of the view that the sentences for carnal should run concurrently with each other and consecutive to a sentence of 7 years for an unnatural crime. The convicted father was represented by attorney Oscar Selgado. The Crown’s respondent was the DPP.