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Father says Yes but Son says NO to ICJ

Former Prime Minister and current Fort George Area Representative Said Musa sat shoulder to shoulder with current Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Wednesday in unison to make it clear that he supports the Government’s Pro-ICJ campaign. While the occasion was to show that 5 former Foreign Ministers agreed on the issue, Musa was the only PUP representative whose mettle has been tested multiple times at general elections. While that display of bipartisanship may have irked those whose blood runs blue, it wrought a unique response from his son and PUP Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa. Musa, like his father, has sought the legal profession as well as politics as career choices, but when it comes to the matter of the International Court of Justice, the proverbial apple couldn’t have fallen further from the tree. Musa told us this morning that while he was proud of his father, he believes Belize should not let the International Court of Justice decide the country’s fate.

Said Musa Former Foreign Minister: “ We were the Government before and we were the ones that took the decision to pursue this path of going to the ICJ.”

Jose Sanchez: “Is there a rift between the party?”

Kareem Musa: “I would not say that there is a rift Jose and the reason why I say that is because both leaders from both political parties have been saying that this is not a political vote, this is a vote for each and every Belizean should believe in and so when you go in the house and vote on a particular build, that is different. In this instance every Belizean will have a chance to voice and vote their point of view and I think that is what is missing from this equation is respect across the board for each others opinions because both sides can’t be right and both sides can’t be wrong because we are all using the very same argument that is that we have a strong title: the 1859 Treaty and we are all going based on that so the no position is saying we don’t want to go we have a strong title and the yes position is saying we have such a strong title let us go and so we must understand that we are all in the same boat. This is an important occasion where we must all be together and united. We have different views but at the end of the day let us respect one another, I think that is the sentiment. In relation to my father that as a son I have to admit that I was very proud to see him on that panel next to the Prime Minister that carried out a personal witch hunt against him so I am very proud and it speaks volumes about his character, the strength of that individual and so I am very proud as a son that he is my father, now switching gears as a politician I don’t necessarily agree that we should be going to the ICJ. As a matter of fact several reasons why I think we should not be going to the ICJ.”