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Father of Shooting Victim speaks against police

21-year-old Marcos Antonio Zelaya was walking on Complex Avenue in Belize City with family members, including Jose Antonio Zelaya his father. As they were about to buy tacos, a vehicle stopped and a man fired several shots, hitting the 21-year-old on his upper right shoulder and upper right portion of his back. He’s clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. His father, an O.G. from the neighborhood has seen plenty of gang-related incidences in his life and says he will not retaliate for the shooting of his son.  While speaking to the media in front of the KHMH, Zelaya made it clear he was angry with the police department and the system.

Father of Victim: ““The owner of the vehicle has direct connection to the Backa Lands Crips.”

Jose Sanchez: “Will you make a police report naming the person that you have seen?”

Father of  Victim: “It doesn’t make any sense to go and give anything to the Police. No I don’t have any time to give any statements to the Police because all of these incidents that are happening in the streets and from what I see and what I know the Police Department have a lot of faults for the crimes. The Police are making too much deals with the criminals right now and that has to stop. As the Police meets a young boy committing a crime the first thing they do is work out a deal and when you look at the news they are finding guns in open lots, they are finding guns under lamppost. How am I not lucky? How am I a hard working man and I am never lucky to go an clean an open lot and find guns and ammunition or drugs. I clean drain and I have never been lucky enough to find anything under a lamp post  but the Police are always lucky to find. I am not implicating anything, if I find a gun that is my luck and that doesn’t mean I will find that and use it in a crime. I am a struggling man, a single father of three kids. What do I have to do? I would have taken that and sold that because I don’t need that. If I was so into guns and violence I would not have been doing three jobs selling patties early in the morning, going to work from 6 to 6 and still work after I sell patties but if I come across it I will sell it because it is money. A gun is no fault to me. If I really needed a gun I could have gone and bought a gun from the day they shot my son but I am not taking my money to buy no gun. I took my money to use here for the welfare of my son because that is my son and my ex wife son and I will always love my kids to fullest. Every dollar I have I will spend on him rather than to go and spend it on a gun. In this world you can’t have any regrets because everybody has to responsible for their own actions, everyone. Once you are over 18 you have the ability to choose right and wrong. As a child, a parent can only guide and protect a child until he is 18. After he is 18 you can only advise him. This thing that we live by the gun and we die by the gun you can’t hide that, that is life and everybody know that in Belize that is how it has to be because we don’t have any justice in the system.

No one has been charged as yet for the shooting of Marcos Zelaya.