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Father of three gunned down

A father of three was shot and killed yesterday.  Shortly before six o’clock yesterday evening shots rang out on Lovely Lane in Belize City, when the shooting ended, 30-year-old Jason Belencio lay dead. The family is in shock and disbelief as they are trying to come to terms with his murder. Today, Love News visited the scene of the murder, where we spoke with his mother-in-law, Therese Leiva.

Therese Leiva – Mother-in-Law of Deceased: Therese Leiva, Mother-in-law: “What happened is that I was at a funeral yesterday and I got the call from one of my coworkers and she told me ‘Ther somebody got shot around your house.’ I said where ? and she said around Castle Street and Lovely Lane. So she asked me where I was and I told her that I was in a bus coming down because I was going back to my auntie to get a bag to come back because I was going to come back with the transport but I didn’t meet it in time so I went to my aunt to get my stuff and I caught a bus and came back. When she called me I hurried can caught a taxi and came and when I came I saw a lot of crowd out here but I saw my other son-in-law and I said something is wrong, he would never be there around those hours. I said ‘Mike what are you doing around here?’ he said Therese they killed your son in law. I said ‘What !’. The understanding I got is that he was at ‘Mr.Sube’ gambling but he was coming to go my house because every time he would come to hail me and look for me because he is dedicated to his children, he loved his children them- every morning he would take his children to school, he was a loving father figure to his children he is loving. He has three beautiful children, Kamisha, Ashaliyah and Jastine. He loved his children. Why ? Why? would you kill him?

At this morning’s police press brief, Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino of the Crime Investigation Branch shared the details of Belencio’s murder.

Insp. Wilfrdd Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: “On Sunday the 15th sometime around 5:50PM police in Belize City responded to shots fired on Lovely Lane. On arrival police discovered the body of a Kriol male person lying on the street on Lovely Lane. He as identified to be Jason Belencio, a 30 year old laborer of Barrack Road. He was seen with multiple gunshots to the head and body and was deceased on the scene. We have one person detained in regards to that investigation.”

Belencio was not known to police.