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Fawda Henry lends a helping hand to the elderly

Phillip Fawda Henry has started a summer program for students this year. He is encouraging students to enter their communities to assist the elderly. He told us about the initiative and the support he has received.

Phillip “Fawda” Henry – Community activist
“So I decided to pick some of the ones that have been doing great for their family and are doing great in schools to support me in a new summer program that I’m having in meeting the elderly. At this time I choose to pick a hundred and seventy five elderly in Belize City and around the villages who face a catastrophe level of not enough care by their families who have been neglected in their homes. So I decided to take some of these students who are in need of books and also financial problems for these children to face another school year. My thing is to go into some of these elderly homes and have some of the girls care for the elderly women by giving them a bath, cleaning their homes and try to comb their hair to let these elderly women get back to who they use to be in the past and also find the time to take them to Karl Heusner if they need the care. I have asked the Karl Heusner to assist in at least giving about twenty five elderly people a week free health care. We must do this. These are the elderly; we are not going to have them for a long time. For each week I roll over by changing my student. At this time I am working with nineteen students. Next week I will roll over with another nineteen students. We have to help all these children.”
Henry says he will continue the program until the end of the summer break.