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“Fawda” Launches Back to School Drive

Phillip “Fawda” Henry, through his “Do the Right Thing School Safety Program”, is raising funds to provide four hundred needy students with school supplies. Henry and his group are aiming to provide these students with this opportunity for the upcoming school year. Yesterday, the Good Samaritan stopped by our studios and told us how you can be a part of this initiative to keep youths in school.

Phillip “Fawda” Henry, Program Coordinator: “My program the “Do the right thing pedestrian crossing school safety program” has saw what’s been going on in the community since the pandemic and recently the community program, the initiative that we have started by helping children in the community with their homework has led to this. I have seen that so many children are in the street begging for money so because of our program that is a registered program we decided that we’re going to take up the initiative to try to raise over 400 school bags, books and supplies for children from the different community but first we would screen each of these family with children to see what’s their family life is like. So we decided myself and Brandy and our other girls who are in the community at this time raising funds we are choosing to raise $110 for each kid. $110 will give us a school bag, their books inside their bags, their pencils and other supplies like their masks what they need to attend school for the new school year. We are doing this because of the fact that there are a substantial amount of numbers of children that is need at this time and most of their families some of them are out of job so the reason why we are at Love today is to appeal. We are appealing to the business community out there we’re not asking you for a large amount but we’re asking you just to support this initiative so that we don’t have children out there who will not be attending school to be a part of crime and violence. So we are even asking the Police Commissioner and also the Minister of National Security to see this as a need. It’s important for us in every community to try to help these children to get back to school. We are asking for that donation so that we can spread it out to get to that 450 children. At this time we already gave out to 150 so we are down to 300 children. We are in need at this time and we’re begging all of you to support our initiative. The initiative is to be a safe initiative in regards to education of our young people.”

If you would like to make a donation, you can contact Henry at 605-9116or you can make a deposit to the program’s Heritage Bank account, number 9141259.