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Faye Lin’s Dad Fights for Full Custody of Her Siblings

While David and Anke Doehm are out on bail, the adoptive father of 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon, David Cannon, is fighting to acquire legal custody of the three remaining girls. The three other girls are in the care of the Department of Human Services and are expected to remain their care for about three months. During this time, Cannon is continuing the legal process to obtain custody of the children. He gave a statement to the San Pedro Sun newspaper yesterday in which he stated quote, “I know that San Pedranos are dedicated to knowing the truth about what happened to my daughters, and dedicated to justice for Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last five years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed, first hand, how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Department and make a sworn statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officer, so that the truth will come out!” End of quote. David and Anke Doehm were both charged for cruelty of a child in respect to the death of Faye Lin. Her body was discovered in her room in the family’s condo on Monday, July 3. A post mortem examination revealed that she had been sexually and physically abused.