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FCD Rangers detain poachers in the Chiquibul

FCD rangers managed to detain two of five poachers on Wednesday.  The group of five Guatemalan nationals was discovered by rangers who were on a training exercise inside the Chiquibul Forest. They were caught with three curassows and one crested guan, both types of birds. They were also in possession of two scarlet macaw chicks and a .22 rifle. The macaws are believed to be about fifty and were in captivity for four days. The birds were handed over to the Forest Department where it is expected that a veterinary diagnostic will be made and recommendations determined for safeguarding these birds. The poachers, 29 year old Edras Garcia, originally from Honduras but living in Peten, and 18 year old Elder Diaz of Izabal Guatemala were taken to the San Ignacio Police Station where they were handed over to the police. The men said that they were in the Chiquibul hunting macaws which would have been sold for about three hundred Belize dollars. According to the FCD, the buyers from the Peten Department arrive either on car or motorcycle to purchase the birds at border villages such as La Rejoya. In order to put a stop to this illegal wildlife trafficking, FCD has been working with its Guatemalan counterparts for the past three years. Last week FCD intercepted another five poachers but they all escaped.  This illegal activity is posing a threat to the rare population of scarlet macaws.