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The Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations (FECTAB) today held a press conference in Belize City where it railed against the PUP Government. FECTAB expressed concerns related to various aspects of the tourism industry. One of those concerns is related to tour guide training. President of FECTAB, Tom Greenwood says that the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) informed the association that all tour guides renewing and first-time applicants that to become eligible to be licensed as a tour guide they are required to complete both a general core and a professional core tour guide training. All new and incoming tour guides must ensure that both modules be completed before seeking a license with the BTB. Currently licensed tour guides are reminded that if they have not previously completed the professional core module they are also required to complete it before renewal of their licenses. Greenwood says this new requirement is abominable. 

Tom Greenwood, President Emeritus, FECTAB:  “Basically what that means is if you don’t complete this core training, licensed tour guides, the ones just going for it it’s part of the program but those who are licensed now like myself, like Dave and others here and approximately 2200 guides nationwide you are not going to be able to renew on the 31st of July. In essence and roughshod this is what it means: you don’t do this your family won’t eat because you won’t work. The Belize Tourism Board must not behave arrogantly. They must not behave like this. ‘If you can’t get this, and you can’t get that well I’m sorry you can’t eat, you won’t be able to renew.’ Well folks maybe I’m an example I’ve reached the tender age of 78, I’ve been tour guiding for over 50 years and I’m not going to take these courses. I’m not going to take them. You stop me from getting a license and I don’t know if you know that building on Regent Street with the big double steps leading up to that building in front of the park it’s called the Supreme Court. I’m sure the Supreme Court would be the right place to take such a situation to.”