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Felix Brothers Face Upgraded Charge of Murder

Twenty-nine year old Emory Felix, the brother of 30-year-old, Maurice Felix, who was arraigned last week on two counts of attempted murder, was charged today with the murder of Mark Gentle and the attempted murder of Gentle’s mother, Pamela Cumberbatch. Emory was arraigned on the charges before Magistrate Herbert Panton. He was remanded into custody until September 8. The charges are in connection with a shooting incident which occurred at the residence of Pamela Cumberbatch, located on Caesar Ridge Road. Pamela and her son were sitting on the steps of her house when a vehicle stopped in front of their gate and two men got out and fired a barrage of shots. Pamela was unhurt but Gentle sustained injuries which he succumbed to a week later. Maurice Felix is wanted by the police for his charge of attempted murder to be upgraded to murder in respect to Mark Gentle.