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Female cross country champion picks up prizes

The annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic was held on May 17. The race which had eight participants, started from San Ignacio and ended in Belize City. Today a ceremony was held for the winners including first place winner Alicia Thompson, who spoke to Love New about her win and minor complications she had on the road.

Alicia Thompson, Female cross country champion

That was the most amazing feeling. It was one of the races that I didn’t win but I know I was capable of doing it so with two years of hard training, dedication, change in diet and a great sponsor the Belize Bank I was able to accomplish that along with a great coach. We have had races after the cross country that which I won the Queen of the Hills and I did the time trial and I won that however for the new season I’m sure it’s going to be a different game plan because of teams being formed by the other group of girls so I have to prepare myself better for the new season. So it’s going to be very much hard work that I need to get done for the new season. The wind was a factor however the girls not moving or responding to my move at an early time caused that gap to open and I have been in such a situation before whereby you see the person going down the road and you take so long to move and because you hesitate it allows the gap to open and I used that as my advantage and all I needed to do then was to make sure that the time gap as  I see it that it either expands or remains the same. Once I saw that I got comfortable and just rode all the way home but the wind was definitely a factor on that particular day.”

Second place went to Kaya Cattouse.

Kaya Cattouse, Second Place

“I was a bit disappointed for the female cross country this year, second place to most people is a big accomplishment but I went out there for the win, I didn’t execute so it was ok. I’m not an athlete or competitor to complain or find excuses about my performance for any race on any given day I just like to give credit to the winner and on that day she was the better person. There were complications I was in the hospital a week before the race, I’m an asthmatic I had severe breathing problems out there on the road. Regardless of that like I said I have to give credit to Alicia on that day she proved to be the stronger one. Cycling is a very unforgiving sport, if you take a lot of time off it tells so training is something that even though we have an off season where races are concerned you are training still, maybe not as much as when the season is on but your training remains.”

Third place went to Shaini Zabaneh, and fourth place to Gabrielle Lovell. First place winner Alicia Thompson took home eight thousand one hundred dollars in cash and prizes, while second place took home three thousand five hundred dollars.