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Female Officers in the GSU Make Claims of Sexual Harassment

About two weeks ago, reports came to our newsroom that a couple of female officers were having a hard time functioning in their unit as they were being sexually harassed by fellow male officers.  At the time, it was just a verbal report but since then we have been able to confirm that two official reports were made to the Ombudsman’s office of separate incidents within the Gang Suppression Unit where female officers had to be shuffled so as to avoid the officer who was being accused.  While Ombudsman Lionel Arzu has begun his investigation into the matter, Love News understands that the accused person has retained the services of Attorney Leeroy Banner.  It is a situation that began unfolding about two years ago and was reportedly reported to higher ranking officials but according to our sources nothing was done as the accused is closely related to the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie.  According to Attorney Banner, his client has denied the allegations and had stated that he is being attacked because of his relationship to the Police Commissioner and because there are issues between the current GSU Commander, Glenn Caliz and the Commissioner Whylie.  The start of this investigation into the sexual harassment of these women officers has led to more concerning facts including that there are several members of the GSU who were handpicked and are closely related to Commissioner Whylie including his daughter who has recently been posted as his personal security.  Love News understands that being a member of the GSU does come with some perks including an additional five hundred dollar monthly stipend which may be the motive for having family members in the unit.  From what Love News has uncovered there does seem to be some conflict between both Caliz and Whylie as our sources have indicated that due to the familial relations to the Commissioner of Police there is a lack of productivity from those persons thus creating somewhat of an Animal Farm in the GSU.  We have tried contacting the present GSU Commander Glenn Caliz but he was unavailable for comment as we were informed that he is currently on leave until December.  Unconfirmed reports are that Caliz is being threatened to be removed as the GSU Commander as he had been pushing for the removal of the Commissioner’s family members from the unit and that upon his return from leave he will be reposted.  We will keep following this story as it progresses.