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Ferguson Succumbs After Highway Collision

Police has issued a statement on the accident that took place on the George Price Highway on Monday evening.  A van carrying seven tourists and a pickup truck with four Belizeans collided around mile seventeen. The driver of the pickup truck, Egbert Ferguson died this morning. Inspector Rochelle Chan, Officer in Command at Hattieville told the media what their initial investigations revealed.


“Based upon information that we have received, statements recorded and witnesses it appears that the Ford pickup seemed to have drifted into the other lane causing a head on collision with the tourist van and that might have been the cause. What was the cause of it I wouldn’t be able to tell as yet. The vehicles have not been inspected as yet. There were six French nationals they all complained of body injuries and head injuries. They were carried to the KHMH but according to the tour company they have comprehensive insurance and they also have insurance for the passengers. They had asked the ambulance to carry the victims to the Medical Associates but they were carried to the KHMH so I don’t know if there will be a transfer but that is what we learnt.”

While the police are saying that the driver of the pickup was at fault, his brother Paul Ferguson is stating that what they found differs from the official report.


“The van overtaking and the van hit the truck so I want to get that clear. I don’t want anyone to think that my brother ran into the vehicle. Also yesterday this area was filled with police; I thought it was a drug bust. They were trying to protect the tourists more than the people. The hospital did whatever they could to save my brother’s life but they couldn’t I understand all of that but we don’t want to look down and say he was driving recklessly or that he was drinking, nothing like that was happening. My brother does not drink. The collision occurred on my brother’s lane. If you see it’s a straight stop and if a vehicle is coming and a vehicle is trying coming head on you are supposed to try to protect your tourist by running off on the shoulder, he couldn’t do that because he was overtaking. Like I said my brother is a commoner so they will say that he is at fault.”

Ferguson said that the doctors told him that his brother died this morning, around six but Ferguson believes otherwise. He told us why.


“The hospital covered up everything saying that he only had a broken leg and that he was alright. Last night they said that he had internal bleeding so we didn’t find out until this morning. They claim that they were trying to get in contact with us to tell us that he died from early this morning. Come on if one of those tourists had died they would have already looked into it a long time ago. I just don’t like the cover up and that is what got me bad. They claimed he died early this morning but when we went in there the body was ice cold, if you just passed away your body won’t be ice cold.”

The media spoke to Egbert Ferguson’s wife; the couple has fourteen children. She spoke about his driving as well as what the doctors told her last night.


“When the doctor came out he told me that he had a 50/50 chance but I already knew when he said that I knew that was going to happen. I walked and I went back in. When I went back in and tried talking to him and tried to get him to talk to me but he didn’t respond.”

According to her, her husband died this morning due to a broken spine and internal bleeding.