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Fetus Found In Shallow Grave

This morning the police was given information about a four month fetus that was buried in a shallow grave in an area in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams explained what the police were able to find out.


“I had been briefed by the investigators that sometime last night they had received information of a female who might have had a miscarriage of a four month fetus and she apparently had disposed of the fetus in a shallow grave somewhere in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. What the police did this morning was basically go into the area of Jane Usher and to see if they could find and exhume the fetus and there after we’ll be looking at the possibility of probably concealment of the birth of a child as the case may be. We are looking at that, we do not know if it is a medical termination of a pregnancy or if it is one that was deliberately done but if it was born and that was deliberately done then that is a crime. We will look at it when we obtain all the necessary information that we need then we will see how we progress with that information.”

The police are still investigating.