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FFB Congress still in the pipeline

In a letter date July 8, the football associations in the Orange Walk and Corozal districts along with the Premier League of Belize have asked that an extra ordinary congress be held. The request was made so the matter of dismals can be brought up and ventilated. They were calling on the dismissal of Michael Blease and six other members. As you may know, Blease was dismissed by the FFB Executive on Monday. However, the request still stands and according to Acting President, Marlon Kuylen, they have sixty days to hold the congress.

Marlon Kuylen – Acting President, FFB
“We met with the five affiliates on Monday afternoon to trash out all the issues that affect us right now. There are certain things that the congress can and cannot do and one of them is to demand or force us to dismiss people, that is totally under the secretariat. Now in talking to them and I spoke to some of them everyday, there are certain things on the agenda that will be struck off but like I told them when it comes to the secretariat and our staff we will deal with that internally. I won’t have to be an agenda item in the extraordinary congress. He has 60 days from the receipt of that letter to convene that congress and by the statutes we must convene it but it can be done within 60 days so it will happen the date we haven’t set as yet because we have our homework cut out for us because items on the agenda included the election of an ethics committee and an electoral appeals committee so we will have to go and search for people who are willing to serve on these committees but yes it will happen, it has to happen within the 60 days. The extraordinary congress will help move us forward in the sense that the items on the agenda that will be approved or should be approved will get us back on track. I have a good working relationship with the five affiliates that abstained from the congress and we are in constant dialogue and now I am reaching out to the other three because we have to unite the family for this to work so that is what we are doing at this time.”