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FFB fires staff to save cost

In order to reduce operational costs, the FFB has dismissed several employees who form part of the secretariat. The dismissal of these persons was one of the topics that was discussed at length. President of the Premier League of Belize, Ian Haylock spoke on the matter.

President of the Premier League of Belize, Ian Haylock

“I speak primarily in respect to the BLB and there were some inconsistencies and irregularities in relation to arriving to some of those names that were listed there. One of the things that the PLB have always advocated for was fair play, transparency in relation to moving football forward and we were of the opinion that over the years we have seen a lot of irregularities and hopefully by appointing and electing a new FFB executive we were hoping that this would somehow change the regular order of business that was in place which was to regulate and ensure that fair practice and fair play was in football and moving forward in a correct direction.”

In the letter sent to the FFB, FIFA states that the Congress does not have the authority to dismiss employees of the secretariat who are on contracts.

President of the Premier League of Belize, Ian Haylock

“We made it known clear that when it comes to the staff of the federation that is the General Secretary’s role to hire and fire people that work in our head office on the advice and recommendations of the executive. What FIFA was concerned about was that the congress had the authority to dismiss these people and whether due process was being followed and since due process was not being followed we knew from before the letter came that this item would have had to be struck off. It was still on the agenda the list of items because in an extraordinary congress the agenda cannot be amended but at the time when the item comes up in the meeting then you can say ‘we cannot proceed with this one’ and so you strike it off.”

The FFB is expected to hold another extraordinary congress within sixty days after a request is made.