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FFB holds Extraordinary Congress

On Saturday the Football Federation of Belize, FFB, held it’s Extraordinary Congress in Belize City. Items on the agenda were the approval of the 2016 Ordinary Congress minutes, approval of the President’s Activity Report, 2015 & 2016 Financials, 2017 Budget and Strategic Plan and the re-election of Electoral & Electoral Appeals Committee and electing an Ethics Committee. Also expected to have happened during Saturday’s congress was the election of the President and Vice President. While there was a quorum, some of the items had to be struck off the agenda. The minutes of the 2016 Ordinary Congress and the 2016 financial report were approved. The budget was also approved but with the condition that FFB affiliates be provided with monthly financial reports. The congress also approved the President’s Activity Report and the Strategic Plan. However, elections for the post of President and Vice President did not occur and FIFA is getting impatient. Acting President of the FFB Marlon Kuylen briefed the media about the extraordinary congress.

Acting President of the FFB Marlon Kuylen.

“The question we had to them was one, can there be elections at an extraordinary congress and if no, can two ordinary congresses be called in one calendar year and then depending on our meeting today and the results of it, how will this affect the elections when they are called. And that is why FIFA is telling us that on Monday they will convene and then respond to our questions. So as a timeline, they would want it to be, because of the statutes, there is terribly in need of some amendments and it was obvious today and that is why the meeting took so long because we had to be back and forth between the electoral code and the statutes and  there was some…Mr. Davis can tell you it is a mess to a certain extent and because there are reviewing statutes of all their countries worldwide and since we still don’t have a president and a vice president in place, we cannot review our statutes until those two positions are filled. Since the elections were held    in 2016 under the current statutes we cannot resume or have elections for the two unfilled post with a new statutes. It has to be with the same old statutes so seeing as though they are putting a deadline for April 2018 for our statutes to be amended then they need for our elections to be held a few months before.

Also not elected were the Electoral and Electoral Appeals Committee and the Ethics Committee. According to Kuylen members of those committees did not show up and there was no justification as to why these members should be replaced.

Acting President of the FFB Marlon Kuylen.

“As far as I can tell it doesn’t have any but that is something you would have to ask Mr. Chairman of the electoral committee. Once the election is called, the process restarts and then we take it from there. However, what we want to make sure is that we have an ethics committee in place before we even go to elections because we have been operating too long without it. When it comes to the electoral committee, the electoral appeals committee or any judicial body for that matter, if there is going to be a change, there has to be justification why that change is being requested. Since we did not get that then we couldn’t proceed. As to the ethics committee, we had an adhoc committee do an eligibility check on ten names that were submitted of which we were going to choose five for the ethics committee and they short listed it and they made a recommendation for the five strongest persons that they believe would have made up a strong ethics committee. However, our statues dictate and the electoral codes state that the electoral committee must be present to conduct elections of a judicial body especially the chairman and the vice chairman. We could have proceeded today with the approval (correct me if I am right or wrong Mr. Davis) of the recommendations of the adhoc committee to appoint the five members that were recommended but they would have had to elect the chairman of the committee and since an electoral committee is not here today then we could not proceed.