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FFB operational expense is 63% of its budget

During the briefing reporters were given the opportunity to ask questions. One of the questions posed dealt with the FFB’s budget. Figures show that 63% of the budget is earmarked for operational expenses rather that football itself. Acting President of FFB, Marlon Kuylen explained.

Acting President of FFB, Marlon Kuylen

“When we get our funding they are earmarked. So the FFB whilst yes to a certain extent it is high the percentage that is used for administration and salaries and stipends whatever the running of a federation is labor intensive and it increases when we have national teams in camp because then we have to hire a number of coaches, doctors and so forth but it is justifiable but of course like in any other organization we are looking at ways to streamline and more than just having to spend that much money on administration that it be spent on people that are well qualified because for instance you might have two persons doing the job of one and thinks like that but yes the running of a federation is very labor intensive and in fact the financial report is saying that we need more staff for our accounting. We do rely a lot on volunteerism as well but that can only go so far and so in fact whilst we are streamlining right now at the head office in the future we foresee that that figure might go up more substantially because to properly run the organizations in the districts we have to have functional offices in every district with one or two members of staff in those offices. But it is justifiable, like I said it is labor intensive and if we are to run a successful organization the thing to do is to get the best qualified persons available so that is where we are looking to head.”