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FFB President Says Division Existed from the Onset

The election to elect a new President of FIFA takes place on February 26. FFB’s President, Ruperto Vicente is on his way to Switzerland accompanied by Executive Member Marlon Kuylen and Earl Trapp. It is expected that FIFA officials will determine whether or not the Executive of the FFB followed the proper procedures in suspending Vicente after the elections. Last week, Kuylen told us that they had become dissatisfied of Vicente’s leadership six months in his first year as president. It’s a rift that had been internally boiling for years and now it spilled over into the public domain. Will this impede the FFB Executive from moving forward as a team elected to develop the nation’s biggest sport? That’s what we asked Vicente.


“The three gentlemen are still members of the executive and I still have to work along with them. I am not a person who holds grudges, there have been people who have spoken against me and I welcome them back into the federation. I’ve given them maximum respect, I don’t  hold anything against anybody. Football is not about Ruperto Vicente, football is about our youth. Belizean football is about Belize, we represent Belize, leadership is not about gaining power, leadership is about serving those who need to be served and that is my policy.”


“Mr.Chuc told us last week that the three members of the executive were dissatisfied six months into you being elected, at what point did you say some sort of understanding or confrontation happened?”


“Remember that not all of us came from the same team. There were three slates that went up for election; Dr.Chimilio’s slate, my slate and Mr.Gerald Henry’s slate. We came from different slates so from the very first executive meeting there was disagreement and so it is important for us to understand that and from then forward it was always disagreement, there was never a team that took over the federation. Mr.Cruz and Mr. Kuylen came from Mr.Gerald Henry’s slate. Mr.Chuc came from my slate but it is clear that Mr.Chuc was only on my slate to get a position and not to be on my team, simply as that.”