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Fiestarama saga is settled

Orange Walkenos are happy tonight as the annual Fiestarama will proceed as planned. That is the final verdict after Minister of Sports Patrick Faber met with Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin Bernard and the Director of the National Sports Council, Ian Jones this afternoon. Following the rather short meeting, both parties reached an agreement that has been put on paper and signed by all parties involved.

Ian Jones Director of the National Sports Council: The Town Council settled their arrears from last year. We are satisfied with that, additionally, remember yesterday I had spoken of damages that we incurred; Okay so the security deposit that they paid last year we absorb that to cover those damages. So in total we got what was owed in terms of the rental fees agreed upon as well as the security deposits and so for this year myself along with the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Chair of the Sports Council sat with the Mayor and his team and we basically explained, listen, we understand it is a community event but it cannot be that the National Sports Council incurs any cost. We have to cover our baseline expenses and so we gave him a list of expenses that we would normally incur and we basically had him select which ones he would want us to continue to incur and then the ones that the Town Board will cover so the ones that we would incur we would charge him for which would include Electricity and Operations for us to have staff on hand as well as restrooms etc. Other expenses they said okay we will cover these from the Town Board so it is not a matter of us not sticking to our $5000. In the end of it that expense will still probably come out to about that; it’s just that now the Town Board will directly absorb some of that expense and we would be paid the difference in terms of what we would have absorb which works out to about $2000 and now they have to put down a $2000 security deposit because the damages we incurred last year amounted to more than the security deposit so now they have to pay both the security deposit and the $2000 up front and then we proceed from there.

Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard: At the end of the day we were contesting the figures that were being charged to us. We did not agree to some of the fees that were being levied. We were able to renegotiate that that was settled yesterday. We paid $2,794 and tomorrow we will be settling the one for this new Fiestarama  year.

Dalilah Ical: So there will be no delays for this year’s event.

Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard: No there will be no delay. Our administrator has guaranteed that payment will be made by tomorrow morning and we will have no issues with the National Sports Council or the Orange Walk Sports Council.

Reporter: So cooler heads prevailed?

Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard: Definitely. Cooler heads prevailed today and we were able to settle this matter, much to our appreciation like I said, gentlemen sat down and agreed and that is what I think we should have done from quite a long time ago.

Fiesta Rama 2018 commences on Friday night and will continue all day on Saturday and Sunday at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town.