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FIFA and CONCACAF To End Stale Mate at the FFB

Ruperto Vicente remains the President of the Football Federation of Belize. Last week, his Senior Vice President, Sergio Chuc along with Executive Members Marlon Kuylen and Cruz Gamez voted to have Vicente suspended from his post as President. They say he has been reckless in the day to day management of the FFB. They told the media, Vicente and the Secretary General, Michael Blease, have been interfering in the district association elections. Both men deny the allegations and at the meeting of February 18, Vicente called for the support of the Congress. After a meeting with the three executives, congress members met with Vicente, Kuylen, Gamez and Chuc at the FFB Headquarters in Belmopan where Vicente’s proposed suspension was hotly debated. The question as to whether or not the three executive members have any power to suspend Vicente was one that could not be given a definite ‘no’ or ‘yes’ that night. So it was decided to get a written explanation from the legal minds of FIFA and CONCACAF. Vicente spoke to Love News.


“CONCACAF and FIFA have not responded to that so I am sure they will respond to it but right now CONCACAF and FIFA are extremely busy. With elections CONCACAF will also elect a president so everybody is busy with that but they have indicated that they will respond to that question. They have not given us any date but certainly they have said that they will come to Belize after FIFA’s election.”


“In terms of what’s going with FFB  are you hoping to speak with some FIFA officials on your trip?”


“We definitely will speak on that, in fact that is on the agenda and they have indicated that we will have a meeting in Zurich to discuss the matter even before they come to Belize. I will have to give them an update as to what is happening in Belize.”