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Fifteen Year Old Minor Shot and Killed in Ladyville Village

For the seventh time this year our news report includes the murder of a minor. 15-year-old, Niccaron Fermin was shot and killed this morning and his body was dumped in rural Belize. According to police the teen was seen in a vehicle that was travelling on Blue Marlin Drive in Ladyville. Their investigations reveal that just before ten o’clock this morning, five gunshots were heard and upon making checks in the area they found the teen’s body in a bushy area in Vista del Mar. His mother, 52-year-old, Debbie Swaso the child was left home alone this morning and shortly after eleven o’clock she got the news that her baby boy was dead.

Debbie Swaso, Mother of Niccanor Fermin: “His cousin called me and told me, his cousin is in the BDF and he called me and asked me where is JR. So when he called and I answered the phone I said wow I haven’t heard this voice here for a long time what happened? And he just asked me ‘Where is JR.’ and he said well they killed JR. He asked where I was, he said he was going to identify the body right now at the hospital at the morgue. So I said well I’m coming down right now from Belmopan. He asked me how I was coming if I was driving or what I told him no I’m catching bus. He said anyway he would let me know when he’s done leaving the morgue. I found out my brother called me afterwards to tell me he’s at the morgue too and he’s identifying the body. He was a cool cool person it’s just that he just doesn’t listen. He’s just stubborn but he is always quiet, he doesn’t talk sometimes he comes and hugs me and says ‘Mommy I love you.’.”

Swaso added that she will continue to pray for her son’s killer and hopes that justice will prevail.