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Fifteen year old Dwayne Gabourel Innocently Killed a Stone’s Throw Away from His Home

A teenager was killed in broad daylight on New Road on Saturday afternoon. Police Commissioner Chester Williams says it was not a case of mistaken identity; rather he believes that 15-year-old, Dwayne Gabourel was used to make a statement. At news time tonight there is one particular suspect that the Police are seeking. Indications are, however, that the shooter has gone into hiding. We start our coverage on this tragedy with how the entire ordeal unfolded.

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: This is the scene of chaos that broke out on New Road on Saturday afternoon. The person being put in the back of the police mobile is 15 year old Dwayne Gabourel. He was shot several times as he stood at the counter of a grocery shop just a few yards away from his Pickstock Street home. Surveillance footage shows the high school student entering Maulet’s Store awaiting service at the counter but instead of being served he was cornered inside the store by a gunman who pulled up on a motorcycle, entered the store and directed a hail of bullets at the teenager. The young boy fell to the ground and moments later his mother, Rhondine Almendarez, arrived at the scene and faced every mother’s nightmare. 

Rhondine Almendarez, Mother: “It all happened about ten minutes past. He was playing ball and he rushed upstairs to me and he told me ‘Mommy.’ he said ‘You want me to buy pack bread or will you knead ?’ I told him ‘No baby buy the bread.’ He grabbed the five dollars and he raced down the steps because he likes to run and he went to the shop. I usually stand up on the veranda there and wait. I heard the shot. ‘Bang, bang, bang.’ that is the sound that rang out in my head. I grabbed his two little sisters and I said lay down low. When I heard the young lady that work with me, because she lives right at the lane there, she ran in the yard with the two pack bread she said ‘Rhondine your son had on a red shirt ?’ I told her ‘Yes’, she said ‘Girl let’s go pick up your baby out of the shop.’ I ran and when I reached halfway I collapsed. I don’t know what happened to me I fell but I found that fighting spirit and I dragged my baby. I dragged my baby’s helpless body, helpless little boy I dragged and when I dragged him I fought it and I put him in the back of the truck and I got in and I sat down and I held onto his pants. One spell no breathing and I shouted at him and I told him ‘Pa ! Breath for me.!’ He inhaled and the policeman said ‘Yes ma’am don’t stop talking to him’ and I didn’t stop. I reached to the hospital and I took him out.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Dwanye Gabourel was a third form student at St.John’s College. His mother describes him as a peacemaker but the young, ambitious teen also had fears of dying to gun violence. 

Rhondine Almendarez, Mother: “Very smart. Very smart. Very outgoing. A peacemaker. He is a peacemaker. I used to fear that one day he would part a fight and they would hurt him, that was my fear but his fear was what killed him. When I would send him to the shop he would always tell me ‘Mommy I’m scared they’ll shoot me.’ I’d tell him ‘Son I’ll plea the Lord Jesus on you.’ but that one time he rushed to to the shop I didn’t get to plea the blood of Jesus on him and that is then Satan stepped in and he hurt me. He hurt me.'”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Gabourel is the eighth teenager who has died from gun violence for this year and is yet another case that the public feels will go unpunished. Police Commissioner Chester Williams has since expressed regret at the killing of the promising young student and assured the media today that the police is working overtime to make an arrest and bring justice for Dwayne. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “To see that this young, intelligent, and bright soul who had great aspiration, he had great dreams and his dreams and aspirations were just taken away by a monster. It can’t continue. It cannot. There are no words and there is nothing that we can say or do that is going to bring comfort to the mother, that is going to bring satisfaction to her, that is going to bring back her son to her. But I want to assure her that we will do what we can to find the perpetrator and to bring him to justice. We have obtained a number of surveillance footage that may have gone through. We have a good idea who the suspect is and somehow the monster went in hiding but we have all efforts out to locate him and I am hopeful that very soon we’re going to find him. The investigators are also still on the ground canvassing, speaking to potential witnesses because people saw what happened, with a view to see how we can get or gather additional evidence to strengthen the case because it’s not that we just want to make an arrest we want to ensure that if we make an arrest that we’ll have sufficient for a conviction.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love News: Gabourel was the eldest of three children. Funeral service for this latest murder victim is yet to be confirmed.