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Fifth annual Ahmadiyya Basketball League competition

The fifth annual Ahmadiyya Basketball League competition is taking place on Sunday. The hoop dreams of youths from Belize and Mexico will converge at the St. Johns College Auditorium in Belize City. The organizers expect approximately 500 teens at the event. There will be no less than

40 teams that will participate in the competition. Abdulla Diba, one of the representatives of the Ahmadiyya Basketball League says that training is also offered.

Abdulla Diba Ahmadiyya Community: “Representing from the United States. I came with a team with Aliyah Latif. The services that we are looking forward to provide for the Basketball League is to make sure that the leadership amongst the youths is known and it is very important for the Captains and the Coaches that will be with the players. We believe that it is also important for them to have some kind of training so we will have some volunteers and some professional players from the United States that will be coming over to train with coaches to increase the standard of the League to refereeing as well because we know that the youth, as our sister mentioned in one of the shows yesterday, it is important to teach the kids how to react when they win as well as when they lose so that we bring that service for them by bringing volunteers who have played the game who are professional coaches as well as referees as well as players so that is one of the services that we are working with the local Jama’at in Belize as well as the Jama’at in the United States to provide that service as well so increasing the level of the players as well as the coaches and the referees.”

Teams will participate in the U15, U19 and U23 competitions.