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Fifty additional surveillance cameras to be placed in Belize City

The Belize Police Department is planning to set up fifty additional surveillance cameras across Belize City. The cameras which are being purchased through the Belize Integral Security Program will be placed across the city. The aim is to improve citizen security for residents primarily in gang-ridden areas. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, explained that the cameras will greatly aid in the police’s effort of crime fighting.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Certainly the city is to some extent a huge area and it’s very complex in its own way. The demographics of it is also a challenging one especially when you look at the south side of the city and while we have about 88 cameras in the city majority of those cameras are on the South side of Belize City and more in the gang ridden and commercial areas. When it comes to the north side we don’t have much cameras there and certainly with the addition of 50 cameras we want to look at certain areas on the north side as well as injecting more of these cameras into the gang ridden areas of south side Belize City. The objective here is to make sure that we cover as much ground as we can utilizing surveillance cameras to be able to prevent and detect crime when they do occur in these areas. I can tell you we’re currently working on a project for the Kings Park area where a number of business places have donated cameras I think we have gotten confirmation for four and those will be placed in the Kings Park area of Belize City should be installed before the end of this month and again you’d know that recently we had a spike of violence in the King’s park area after we had the death of Jeffrey Buller  and so we’re looking at going into the area and putting some surveillance cameras to be able to help with our police sync strategy and Belize City so we welcome the 50 additional cameras that are coming through the CABEI program it will certainly go a long way in terms of our crime fighting efforts for the city.”