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Fight to end gender based violence continues

December tenth also recognized as Human Rights Day marked the end of sixteen days of activism in Belize, however the fight against gender based violence continues. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic showed an alarming increase of violence against women. Today the “Building People Movement” project whose aim is for the achievement of equality, justice, development and peace in Belize launched a book entitled “Women ! Know your rights !”. Dorla Bowman founder and director of the movement spoke about how the project is aiming to educate people countrywide about the Domestic Violence Act and the fight in ending gender based violence.

Dorla Bowman, President, Building People Movement: “Eliminating all violence against women and girls is a must. The organizations that I am involved with are always working on issues that matter to women and girls and give full respect to their human rights. Our latest production is the creation of a book with a powerful play that speaks to the dynamics of domestic violence. The play simplifies the domestic violence laws that Belize Women Against Violence movement drafted and fought for and the Domestic Violence Protocols that Building People Movement wrote in a simple, easy to read and understand language. I am happy to have been able to bring to life the creation of our newest production educational tool regarding domestic violence in the form of a Belizean written play about Belizean domestic violence realities. This book Women: Know your rights, will be distributed countrywide. We all must know the laws, use the laws and implement the laws. Your help is needed in educating the public therefore we encourage you to use this Belizean play in your women’s groups, youth groups ,school drama classes and Festival of Arts drama presentations.

Bowman also added she believes people need to know the laws and use the laws to bring about the necessary change. The project was funded by the Embassy of Switzerland to Mexico and Belize.