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Fighting the Gay Fight Lands Caleb in London

Caleb Orozco has become a household name over the years in Belize as his activism forgay rights has brought him spots on the media on various occasions.  At times the spotlight was on him for the harassment he and his associates would undergo and then there were the times when he would be speaking out on his application made to the court regarding Section 53 of the Laws of Belize.  Tonight, he is in the news because he is the 2016 recipient of the David Kato Vision and Voice award.  This recognition comes to Orozco for the victory he garnered in overturning Belize’s anti-gay laws.Orozco won from a shortlist of five other activists from Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan.  In an article published by Pink News based in the United Kingdom, Orozco was quoted as saying, ““The award is not about me, but about the aspirations of my community and the sacrifices and support they have shown in overcoming bigotry and taking on our opponents.”  End of quote.  The David Kato Vision and Voice Award isdone annually in memory of murdered Ugandan LGBT campaigner and sexual minorities Uganda activist, David Kato. Kato was murdered in 2011 after a local newspaper published his photo in a feature calling for gay men to be executed.  Orozco will receive his award on January 26, 2017 in London at an annual fundraising gala dinner of the Kaleidoscope Trust which campaigns for equality for LGBT people around the world.