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Figures for San Pedro Town still not finalized

It was a hotly contested election in San Pedro and it was not until the early hours of this morning that the UDP’s Daniel Guerrero claimed a slim victory over the PUP’s Abner Andre Perez. The UDP maintained its grasp of the San Pedro Town Council with Guerrero receiving 2667 votes to Perez’s 2629. That’s a slim margin of 38 votes but the PUP is disputing the results. From what we understand they are challenging 159 votes because from the figures that are being considered as of 6 o’clock yesterday evening, out of 8,955 registered voters, 5,134 persons voted. These are figures that we got from the Elections and Boundaries website this evening. But if you add up the figures from both mayoral candidates it totals 5,293 and not 5,134. This evening during the Prime Minister’s press conference, the elections and boundaries department sent out a notice in which it says the official results of the San Pedro Town Council Election has not yet been released by the Elections and Boundaries Department. It says that this information will only be released upon receipt of the official forms from the Returning Officer and after all figures have been checked and verified for accuracy. As for the figures on its website, the Elections and Boundaries says that those numbers are based on one hour intervals during polling. It should not be interpreted as the official number of voters who cast their votes yesterday. That figure is still being finalized. However the PUP is keeping a close eye on the matter and, we understand, that it sent an attorney in the person of Dean Molina to look into the matter. However the Prime Minister has claimed victory in San Pedro. So we asked him if the PUP can mount a legal challenge disputing the figures, triggering a re-election.


As we said the People’s United Party is taking the matter seriously so we asked Mayor Daniel Guerrero if he is worried.

The Councilors for San Pedro Town are Hector Alamilla, Flora Ancona, Ruben Gonzalez, Gary Greif, Severo Guerrero and Gabriel Nunez.