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Fin Sec Orders Abuse of Government Vehicles to Stop

An internal document has reportedly been circulating on the internet over the last week surrounding the use and abuse of government vehicles by public officers.  The internal memorandum is dated August 29, 2016 and comes out of the office of the Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Joseph Waight.  It is a four paragraph correspondence that highlights the misuse of the not only the vehicles but fuel allowances as well.  With the current status of Belize’s debt situation, it comes as no surprise that the FinSec is seeking to curb expenses.  The memo reads, in part, quote, “Government vehicles should be viewed as belonging to the citizens of Belize and are assigned solely for the purposes consistent with providing services to those citizens.”  It went on to note that all vehicles with the exception of those authorized for 24-hour use should be parked at the end of each work day and on weekends and holidays.  Users of government vehicles have been circumventing the authorization forms required to be filled out if the vehicles would be used outside the norm or the provision of services to the Belizean citizenry.  In observation of all these irregularities and in an effort to cut back on expenses and curb the abuse, FinSec Waight noted that as at September 1, 2016, non-adherence to the rules will result in the vehicles being impounded if found that its use is unauthorized; fuel allocation will be cut by twenty percent monthly and drivers will penalized in accordance with Section five point three of the Disciplinary Procedures Manual.  The memorandum was sent to the Cabinet Secretary as well as the CEOs and Heads of Departments and Accounting officers in the public service.