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Finance and Audit Act has been breached, says Private Sector Senator

The notion that the Government unlawfully spent thirteen point nine million dollars between 2016 and 2017 was also supported by Senator Mark Lizarraga who represents the Private Sector. The Finance and Audit Reform Act of 2010 sets out rules and regulations as it pertains to Government spending and Lizarraga says that after what happened during the Senate Sitting yesterday, much is left to be desired.


 “We continue to see that the spirit of those laws is broken and not abide. Finance and Audit are very clear as to how you should spend, how much you should spend and how you report and we believe that all of those matters have been breached. It became apparent yesterday that perhaps the Ministry is lacking in resources to fully comply with the law because if what we understand is to be believed it appears that there are just slippages as they call it and delays. I say if the business community has to meet filings on time for taxes or expenditures for whatever and we slip and we make our filings late there are penalties. Well, the Prime Minister of this country has attached penalties for slippages. The spirit of Finance and Audit Reform and the fiscal transparency and responsibility regulations continue to be ignored, totally ignored and this government has put penalties to those. So we want to see them complied with in the absence of clear timely reporting. There is a lot of speculation that circulates. There is a lot of questions that are asked. You know I’m not suggesting improper motives whatsoever but certainly if one continues to see it time and time and time again this dereliction of responsibility it is normal for people to question I believe and to question the motives. Somebody needs to come straight and say this is exactly why we can’t meet these laws and give a credible response.”