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Finance Officer, Emily Guy Dies Following Traffic Incident

An accident that occurred this weekend near the Bus Terminal in Belize City resulted in the death of one woman and two other persons injured. This morning Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams confirmed that 54-year old Emily Guy passed away from her injuries. Williams shared the details.


“In that accident one female’s leg was amputated, she was taken to the hospital and yesterday she succumbed to her injuries. I am told she is a Jehovah’s Witness and she had refused a blood transfusion and that may have led to her death. Let me say this, there is a thing in law that says you must take your victim as you find them. So the fact that even if she refused the blood transfusion she could have lived, that does not negate responsibility from the driver of that motor vehicle. The driver had been in our custody since the accident occurred, he was charged on Saturday with driving without due care and attention and yesterday his charges were updated to manslaughter by negligence. We have done all that needs to be done to ascertain whether or not he was under the influence or was of a stable state of mind. We had done blood and urine samples those have been sent to the lab and as soon as those results come back then it will just be used to substantiate the charges for what he has been charged. It could be a case that he lost control of the vehicle and that caused the accident but the investigation is still ongoing but by any account from what we are seeing in the investigation he was at fault hence the reason he was immediately charged for the incident.”

Allegations surged that Guy could have been taken to the hospital sooner but that the police lingered in taking her. ACP Williams spoke about that issue.


“We are ready to remove the victims and take them to the hospital, we should not but because of our effort to try to save life we do. When it comes to traffic accident victims because when a person is involved in an accident it is always difficult to ascertain the nature or the degree of the injuries and sometimes moving them could cause more harm than good. So because of that we always prefer for the people, the professionals from BERT to do so because they have all the equipment as the case my be, we do not have those things. Once it is a traffic accident we do our best to wait for the ambulance to come and take those persons to the hospital.”

Love News spoke with Guy’s supervisor, Accountant General, Anna Bennett who shared more details about her.


“She has been a member of the public service for over 34 years. She has been a finance officer, she worked in the post office department for over 25 years, she was with the Belize Defense Force for a short period of two years and almost ten years with the treasury. She was a quiet person, very serious when it came to her duties, she was a church going member and she was looking forward for retirement which would have been early next year. At this point I want to say that everyone including her immediate family is all shaken up because nobody expected something like this to happen to her, it’s a tragic loss for both the family, for the treasury and for the wider public service.”

Today, 29 year old Sales consultant Victor Mason Gibbs, a resident of Mex Avenue appeared in court, where a total of six charges were read to him.  Manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, drove a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit and two counts of negligent harm. Two other persons were injured in the incident.