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Financial Secretary says ICJ Funds are being disbursed properly

On September 5th, the United Kingdom donated 1.3 million dollars to the Public Awareness and Preparedness Campaign to support the referendum on whether or not to refer Guatemala’s territorial, insular, and maritime claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The United Nations Development Program and US Government donated $500,000 as well.  Finance Secretary Joseph Waight indicated the funds are being utilized properly.

Joseph Waight Financial Secretary: “I think we are appropriated to begin with, the $2.5 million I think we might have drawn a shade under a million so far. I don’t have numbers in front of me but it’s going fairly well, there is no slow down, there is no hiccup, there is no speed bump when it comes to funding the campaign. The initial amount was 2.5, they may come for more but initially the 2.5 and of that 2.5 we have spent only a million dollars so far. Actually most of the expenditure will happen before the new budget sometime in February, March. We may have to do more and there will be some other costs like the funding the election process itself so most of the expenditure will happen in that lead up. The Referendum Day itself there will be some cost and depending on the outcome then there will be some other expenditure going. Imagine for a second it’s a yes vote then we have to get in into prepation mode, paying a lot of legal fees but that is stage two so to speak so we are trying to reach out to small communities on simple things like: travel, subsistence and hotel and it adds up after: gasoline, rental of vehicles and that type of thing, it adds up after a while.