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Findings from Autopsy may help Police Identify Charred Remains

The autopsy on the charred remains of a human that were found late afternoon on October 28th on the Coastal Road has provided police with more information that can lead them to an identifying the individual. This morning, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo shared the findings of the examination conducted on the bones.

ASP Alejandro Cowo

“The bones that were examined, it was that of a male person ranging between forty to fifty years. It’s a Caucasian male person and the information is that it appears to be over six months it has been at the site and that the person according to the indication of the post-mortem, the person had some kind of injury on his left leg. He was limping so that can give us an idea more or less to try to establish if we have this person that was reported missing sometime in the past.”

The bones were found about thirty feet from the side of the road about ten miles from La Democracia Village by a farmer of Gales Point Manatee Village who was hunting in the area.