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Findings into Plane Crash has not been released

The results of an investigation into the incident where a Tropic Air aircraft crash-landed in the sea moments after it attempted lift-off at the Placencia airstrip in November are still to be released. Today Director of Civil Aviation Lindsay Garbutt says they are awaiting the report.

Lindsay Garbutt – Director of Civil Aviation

“Our responsibility as the Department of Civil Aviation is to do a thorough investigation. We brought in COCESNA’s Regional Head of Accident Investigation who just happens to be a Belizean, Mr. Shawn Young, he is completing his investigation but the whole process of investigating air accident is a very thorough process because our responsibility is less to try to assign blame and more to look at a solution. So we are waiting for Mr. Young to send us his final report, he was here for two weeks, interviewed all the key people and now he is putting together his report.”

Garbutt says they should be getting that report in a week or a little after. Eleven passengers onboard a Tropic Air flight en route to Punta Gorda from Placencia were rescued from the sea on the morning of November 17th. The aircraft was taking off around 8:45 in the morning when it struck an SUV that was at the end of the runway. The impact caused the pilot to lose airspeed and the aircraft veered into the sea. All passengers were safely removed from the water including Acting Prime Minister Patrick Faber along with Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development and Immigration Godwin Hulse.