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Fined for Selfie at Chetumal Border

Ordinarily, an incident like this would not make the local news but considering how close to home the Subteniente Lopez border is to Belize, we thought we would report on it for both the occasional and frequent traveler.  According to a newspaper out of Quintana Roo , Mexico a family was returning from the Corozal Free Zone when one of the members were detained after she took a self-portrait or ‘selfie’ as it is referred to, near the Customs checkpoint.  According to the article, there was no signage to indicate that the use of cameras was prohibited.  After being detained for over five hours, the person was fined over eleven thousand pesos which was to be paid forthwith.  According to the papers served to the woman, she was in contravention of Article 192 of Mexico’s Customs Act which speaks of the security and integrity of the Customs’ facilities.