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Finger Spelling Bee Competition

Today children with diverse abilities gathered at the Saint Catherine Academy Auditorium for the 21st  annual finger spelling bee competition. The event is part of Disability Awareness Week which is being held under the theme “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”.  Special Education Officer for the National Resource Center for the Inclusive Education, Juanita Cadle tells us more.

Juanita Cadle – Special Education Officer

“This activity simply shows that our children with disabilities are just as able as any other student; just that they do things in a different way.  They look forward to this event because this is something that is held annually and it is a national competition so even past students who are deaf if you come, you will see in the audience the older students who are past winners and competitors in this competition. They look forward to this event because we don’t have much but we are trying as much as possible to advocate and promote more of these activities as the community becomes more aware and sensitized about the potential and the ability of these persons with disabilities.”

Cayo Deaf Institute placed first in both the Junior and Senior categories.