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FinSec Speaks on How GOB is Affording PCR Testing for the Public

The infographic shared by the Ministry of Health and Wellness also shows that more than three thousand four hundred new COVID-19 tests were conducted. So far, more than two hundred and fifty-seven thousand tests have been done since the start of the pandemic in March of last year. But unlike last year, this time around more PCR tests are being carried out and the government is responsible for obtaining more PCR tests. The media asked Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight where the government is getting money to buy these tests.

Joseph Waight, Financial Secretary: “I know that we were able to reprogram some money from the IDB and from others to buy PPEs and to buy testing equipment and so but you know it’s a cost that we have to bear. I mean we have to find the money from somewhere because it’s a public health crisis and it’s for the public good and testing and contact tracing and so is the name of the game that’s what the science is predicting but if I can make an appeal to the people who can get their vaccinations it’s free. I mean we’re in a very good position in Belize that we’re not compared to some of the Caribbean countries or Africa we have a sufficient supply of vaccines and also those who can’t, continue to wear the mask that is the first line of defense.”