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Fire at Dorothy Menzies’ Children’s Home

A small fire broke out at Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center compound today. The fire started under a small shed behind one of the buildings shortly after four this afternoon. Residents in the area reported that they smelled paper burning and soon located the blaze. One of them, Derrick Leslie told Love News what he noticed before offering his assistance.


“I mostly saw a big blaze of fire but before that I went and smelled something burning like an electrical fire and I went to check the house. I turned off my radio and I knew it was not that. I came downstairs and my cousin told me that it was here that was burning. I grabbed my house and lent a hand.”

The blaze was brought under control before five in the evening. No official report has been issued as Fire officials were still inspecting the scene. Officials at the center said they had no comment on the incident.