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Fire Chief gives an update on tragic fire in San Pedro

Today Fire Chief, Ted Smith delivered the unexpected news that the investigation has revealed the fire was caused by arson.

Fire Chief Ted Smith: So far we have determined that the fire was and incendiary fire which means the fire was lit by person or persons who knew under the circumstances that the fire should not have been lit at the time. We received the call 01:36 hours from the police that is located next to the Fire department in San Pedro. The police walked right across and informed me that there was a fire at 01:36 hundred hours. The investigation also revealed that this structure probably was on fire for some time because during an interview out there some of the people who discovered the fire and gave a statement and said they discovered the fire. Some time before 1 o’ clock the morning but somehow the information did not trickle down properly to thenPolice or to the Fire department in a timely manner. This can be a result of a number of reasons: Overly excited; priority was to get out the people from altering the neighbors and get them out and according to eye witnesses who discovered the fire; that was their priority to get out then neighbors from within the area safely.

The Fire Chief said it would be ideal if residents of San Pedro would join the voluntary element of the National Fire Service in order to assist the department.